About us

Welcome to Can & Will Property

We specialise in all areas of investment property and portfolio management.

The Team you can Trust

Regardless of the size of your investment, Can & Will Property will take the hassle out of owning an investment property with a hands-on approach and leaning on grass roots experience. We have experienced every side of property management as a Landlord ourselves and seek to provide what we could not find: reliable, honest and comprehensive property management. Where thought precedes action and relationship outweighs business strategy and profit margins. We know we can take care of it.

We are a family owned business

Our point of difference…we are a small outfit. We are local residents. We have a single point of contact and a 100% guarantee of NO staff turnover. We are quick to respond and understand that communication is key! We appreciate that we are managing your INVESTMENT towards your FUTURE RETIREMENT. We get it. It’s not that hard!! So we want to make it easy for you. Our competitive fee packages offer professional, personalised and cost effective service focussed on your individual property management needs.

We are 100% Certified

Our point of strength…our in-house residential Valuer! Certified and practicing in the local area, Richard will be a very sound market adviser to Can & Will Property. With over 13 years industry experience, his advice and guidance ensures Can & Will Property client’s investments are providing a good return every year, giving Can & Will Property a discerning industry edge!

We are on your side

With a small but growing rental market share our vision is to manage well and grow organically. We don’t seek a monopoly but rather a genuine return to personal business relationships where you know who YOU are and you know who WE are.